Our Solutions

End-to-end Healthcare Research

We understand the importance of delivering accurate insights and actionable recommendations to drive your business forward. With our extensive experience in pharma market research, we offer everything you need, ensuring a seamless and successful research journey.


pharma-insight has a deep understanding of research questions and insights specific to the pharmaceutical industry. With a sophisticated full-service approach, we design research that matches your objectives and delivers at every stage.


Extensive market knowledge and understanding of your target group allows us to launch your project with extremely precise targeting, using innovative technologies including dynamic profiling to improve the respondent experience.

Project Management

With our in-house call centre, experienced moderators, and analysts, we provide a seamless and high-quality service, taking care of every step of your project without any loss of momentum by bringing in third parties.


We deliver targeted and precise answers to your research questions, accompanied by clear recommendations for action.


Beyond providing actionable insights, we offer valuable advice to help you connect market research with your marketing and sales strategies.

Our Process

pharma-insight follows a well-defined process that begins with you and is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Efficient processes and quick response times enable us to maintain high flexibility, and your dedicated contact person is available to assist you at any time.

Study Concept
Questionnaire Preparation
Questionnaire Programming
Conducting Interviews
Analysis & Reporting
Result Presentation